You know, most people say the Jelly Page doesn’t exist. I’m amazed you found your way here!

I’m Casey, and this is my super-secret page just for Neopets folks.

Jelly Casey petting a Jelly Meepit

It’s my dream to work at Neopets, a brand I’ve held dear to my heart since I was six years old. In 2021, I had the wonderful experience of interviewing for a position with the Neopets team. It made me completely reconsider the kind of work I want to do – there is really nothing in the world like Neopets, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it would be to help make it even better.

I have experience in games UI/UX design, gameplay and interface programming, 2D art, and product management; you can see examples of my work below. If any of these skills sound like they could be of use to you, please consider reaching out to me at I’d love to help in any way I can!

Jelly phone

UI/UX Design & UI Art

  • As much as I love a clean UI, there’s nothing like filling an interface with as much fun and character as possible – something I learned from Neopets! Here are some user interfaces I’ve designed and created. I also have full design writeups for each of these projects, so be sure to click the cards below if you’re interested!
  • I spend lots of time thinking of the UX quirks and challenges unique to Neopets. Maybe we can explore them together! (I may have already created a Neopets component library in Figma for some UI experiments…)
Jelly paintbrush


The first thing I ever drew with a digital art tablet was a Neopet. And I’m still drawing them today! Official Neopets art has always been a huge inspiration to me, and I hope that influence shines through in these pictures. Click See More for even more examples!

Jelly sketchbook


At lunchtime, I love taking quick sketch requests from the Neoboards and the Neopets Discord. Click See More to check out more of my sketchbook!

Jelly block with person inside


Wow, thanks for making it this far! I’ve also made some… goofy stuff about Neopets. Maybe you’ll like it? I don’t know?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope to hear from you soon.