Cat Grooming App


Cat Grooming App

Book a grooming appointment for your cat!

In this concept interface, a user can book their cat for a grooming appointment. Check out the Figma file below!

The idea for a cat grooming app was given to me as a design exercise. The flow is pretty basic – the user just walks through each decision step-by-step. Most of this is par for the course on any booking app. But most pet booking apps are missing something... a place to talk about your cats. The one thing cat owners so desperately want.

To solve this, I added a Cat ID Card to the interface.

Every pet has quirks that a groomer or caretaker might want to know. The Cat ID Card allows cat owners to register all this information in one place, then retrieve that information anytime they want to book their pet.

For owners of cats with special needs (like Mimi the tripod!), it's much easier than repeating all the pet's information every time.

The Cat ID Card, filled and unfilled.

I had the most fun putting together the assets and components. I wanted to see how much kitty character I could pack into a clean, flat interface!

Kitty icons!
Kitty sidebar!
Kitty everything!!!

Figma Prototype